1600 Watt HE1U-MU Series

MU Input/Output Features
– AC line Voltage Sensor
– Internal temperature Sensor
– Monitors current (Amps)
– Monitors VDC output
– Monitors Battery Voltage
– Remote on & off

Power Supply Features
– 1600 Watt High Efficiency Switching Power Module at 12, 24, or 48 VDC output
– Remote Control ON/OFF
– Short Circuit/ Overload/ Over Voltage/ Over Temperature Protection

BBLVD Version
– Builds upon the base model with the addition of integrated seamless battery backup
– Integrated Low Voltage Disconnect
– Diode Isolated Battery Switch Over
– Manual Battery Disconnect

BMS Version Features
– Builds upon the BBLVD version integrating a smart battery charger
– 120 watt 3 stage smart charger recharges faster and extends the life of your batteries

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