Desktop Power Supplies & Radio Hoods / Accessories

  • LPX Series

    LPX Series

    The LPX Series is the next generation of DuraComm’s popular and reliable LP desktop power supply. We enhanced the electronic filtering and noise shielding, added auto ranging AC input, and adjustable DC output, all while maintaining the rugged 7 inch standard design. The improved efficiency meets DoE level VI green energy standards.

  • RM-Kit & RM-Shelf

    RM-Kit & RM-Shelf

    The RM-Kit is a 19" rack mount solution that is compatible with all DuraComm LP, EH, and LPX series power supplies as well as the Mean Well ENP power supplies and ENC battery chargers.

    A second shelf can be added with a knock out that can be easily removed.

  • Low Profile Hoods

    Low Profile Hoods

    DuraComm’s desk top hoods are designed to provide radio mounting to any of our desk top power supplies. These covers are customized to fit various radio models.

    *Our DuraComm Radio Hoods are designed to mount on all of our DuraComm Desktop Power Supplies

  • LP Series

    LP Series

    The DuraComm LP Series of power supplies are UL recognized. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. These power supplies convert 120 or 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC power to low noise and ripple, regulated 13.8 volt DC output. (Note: units are factory pre-set for 120 AC input. Conversion for 240 volt AC input requires an internal adjustment by removing a “jumper wire” on the circuit board. This should only be done by a qualified technician or should be specified at the time of purchase.)

  • LP-18BC


    The LP-18BC is LP-18 with built in battery charger AC input Voltage 115 or 230VAC Switch selectable

  • EH-30


    RF shielded power supply with built in battery charger for high noise environments

  • LPB Series

    LPB Series

    Desktop Power Supply with Intergrated Backup Battery and Charger

  • LPBC-25 Series

    LPBC-25 Series

    The LPBC-25 battery backup module is designed for LP series and the unit automatically provides float charge, battery maintenance when power is restored. Dual shottky diodes provide protective isolation and seamless transfer to battery when power goes down. No relays to fail.

  • DTHP Series

    DTHP Series

    The DTHP series is an economical high power desktop power supply

  • LPHP Series

    LPHP Series

    The LPHP-1048 is a desktop power supply that comes with adjustable DC output voltage and a power connection factor of .98, which saves 25% of electrical cost. All LPHP series comes with a short circuit/over load/ over temperature protection and a cooling fan that helps flow air throughout the unit.

  • Batteries


    Batteries for use as replacement in LPB Series Power Supplies. Also can be used with the EH-30 or LPBC

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